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Although nothing could make this time better there were many who went above and beyond for us and eased our path toward healing.

We would especially like to thank Dr. Arthur Gross and Dr. Jacob Markovitz of Englewood Women's Health for their compassion and delicate care from October 23 and beyond.


We have profound gratitude towards Rabbi Chaim Poupko of Congregation Ahavath Torah for guiding us in the right ways and without being asked, you performed shmira for our son and conducted a memorable service at the cemetery for his burial.

Thank you to Rebecca and Avi Novick who initiated the fundraising for what became Calev's Kindness Foundation.

Thank you to Alyssa Sanzari and Sasha Preziosa from Hello Boss Ladies ( who designed the logo for the foundation, turning our vision into reality.


We are immensely grateful for our families who have been there since minute one, by our sides throughout the whole process, and who have provided utmost support and comfort during this awful time of everyone's loss. We know Calev was a lucky boy to be a part of such special immediate and extended families.

Thank you to all of our friends who have been there for us, checking in, keeping us company, providing us with food and errands when we were unable to do so for ourselves. We are very lucky to have a tremendous community behind us.

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